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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

The men I meet....Ugh

Ok so I have to vent....so you know a bit back I did a post about the women who sit on the street selling corn or banana or whatever, trying to earn what little money they can. After my Mom read it she asked a very poi net question...Where are the men? Well let me tell you...they are loitering on the streets, harassing me. Seriously I can not go one day without 10 men calling me "Momma, Sweetie" and what ever else...it is disgusting. Today...less than one minute out of my house I had a man stop and say, "Hi Momma, how are you? I love you. I want to marry you." Right outside the house where I am staying there is a bus station...and all day long there are men there doing nothing....sitting, standing, talking, playing soccer...all day long. And then just down the road there is a bar and you can find drunken men at all hours of the day...like the man this morning...it was just past 8am and he was drunk...completely....They are the most vial repulsive men. I have met some really nice good people but my whole experience here has been tainted by these men...they do nothing all day, get drunk and harass women.
Ok I am done venting...I just can't wait till I get home to nice Mormon boys who treat women as more than tools to get some. I love you all and will see you soon!

Monday, March 16, 2009

50 day left in Zambia

Ok, so I just realized...it is like the middle of March and I haven't even posted anything this month...I am sorry....but you talk to my mommy and Dani and you will know that my March has been pretty frustrating and boring...so not a whole lot to post...but let me give you a few updated...I am still teaching in schools and what not...as long as they are not canceled...which happens quite a bit...but when I do teach that is great! I like to teach...but I really don't think I could EVER be a teacher...Here I teach three classes to one group of kids and then move to the next group...1. because there are a million schools and I want to try to get to most of them...and 2. because if I stayed any longer than that I think I would go crazy...some of the kids are really great...but I want to slap a few of them upside the head....especially when they tell me..."There is no way I am using a condom" and "Why should I only have sex with one person, that is not going to happen"....and I just want to tell them "ok them you are the first to die"....but I don't....I say something a little more tact full....So no, teaching is not a career for me. So Thursday was a "Holiday" here....Youth Day....and I we and taught some youth at a church....it was nice...I wouldn't call them "youth" per-say...most of them were older than I am...but anyways it was fun....but when it got to the end and time for questions...I got some crazy ones....like always....these ones really made me sad though....One was "I heard that the White men made the HIV virus because they want to eliminate the Black people"...yeah....really got asked that....and I told the man who asked..."Well I am here and clearly White...do you honestly think that I want to eliminate you?"....we also got into a huge debate about Religion and if God will take the virus away if you pray hard enough and repent....of course the answer is NO....but they wouldn't take that for an answer....they kept saying "with God anything is possible" and I assured them that I firmly believe in God but I also know that he can't take the virus away....then they accused me of not believing in God at all....and by that point I was almost in tears....I didn't know what else to say...and it wasn't until after that I realized what I should have said.... that God will forgive you and you can change but you still have to live with the consequences of your choices and actions....So next time I will be ready when that question comes....and I know there will be a next time....But it just makes me so sad how mislead these people are....and how much of a hold Satan has here....I am so grateful that I have the Gospel in its fullness...all of it....not just parts.....so here are some pictures of me teaching...they are not the best...I didn't take them....but here you go :)